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ral heritage in 2006.BE2

ted a colorful global civilization in the long course of its development, and the civilization of China is an important component of the world civilization harboring great diversity. As a representative featI

ure of Chinese civilization, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a medical science that was formed and developed in the daily life of the people and in the process of t2

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heir fight against diseases over thousands of years. It has made a great contribution to the nation'7

s procreation and the country's prosperity, in addition to producing a po2

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. 6 (Xinhua) -- China's Sl
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sitive impact on the progreW

tate Council Information Office on Tuesday issued a whit3
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ss of human civilization.TCM has5

e paper on the development of traditional Chinese mediciD
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created unique views on life, onH

ne (TCM) in China.Following is the full text of the docuu
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fitness, on diseases and q

ment.Traditional Chinese Medicine in ChinaThe State Coun1
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on the prevention and treatment of dO

cil Information Office of the People's Republic of China7
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iseases during its long history o2

December 2016First Edition 2016ContentsPrefaceI. The His5
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torical Development of TCM0
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f absorption and innovation. h

II. Policies and MeaD sures on T6
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It represents a combination of na1

CM Develo7 pmentIII. 9
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tural sciences and humanities, embra2

Carrying Forward the Traditioq n and Ensuo